Looking for the last nomads of Himalaya.

How would life be without all the modern technologies? Would we still be able to travel, communicate, or even meet people?

That’s the questions we tried to answer in our film in a journey through Kirghizistan looking for the last nomads of Himalaya. Follow us without any phone, any map, any guide book, only our thumbs up and our smiles. And discover with us if hospitality survived this new millennium.


A great success

The project premiered in a Cinema in Paris and had a great success with 35.000 people who saw the film on Youtube and Facebook. It also helped raise awareness on a country less known and we’ve had a massive positive feedback from the community.


The story behind

The main challenge we had to face for this project was to travel to a country without any technologies, and reach Himalayas without speaking any word of Russian, only traveling, sleeping, eating thanks to people’s hospitality.

We wanted to prove that even when the most remote areas of our planet, even the most simple, are sometimes the most open to people. That there’s another way of living than our competitive countries.

Snapshots. We tell stories to create emotions with light and color.

A journey through Kirghizistan